Tecumseh Youth Theatre mission statement

Tecumseh Youth Theatre provides experiences and opportunities for the participation live theatre for the area youth. We have a commitment to showcasing youth talent in live theatre productions, which give students the opportunity to perform and learn about multiple facets of theatre production. TYT also promotes fostering positive relationships between students of all ages, as well as between students and adults, this creating positive role models for young people. In addition, we strive to bring quality theater productions to the community using youth talent, assisted and supported by experienced, caring adults in an effort to support the arts and bring them to as wide an audience as possible.


Lion King Auditions!!!!! Here are the details you have been waiting for!!!

Sunday Sept 27th 2-4:30 OR
Monday Sept 28th from 6-7PM

Tecumseh Middle School Band and Choir Rooms

Who: Any Elementary age student grades 1-4

What to Sing: I just can't wait to be king or Can you feel the love tonight. (just the first few lines - we will have a recording of the track).
Extra info: cast lists will be posted a few days after Monday's auditions at the TCA front doors. There will be a Mandatory parent meeting to discuss details of the show. if you have any questions please contact the team at lionkingkids@gmail.com There is a small participation fee to be in the cast. The fee information will be available at auditions and the parent meeting. The participation fee defers the cost of required items we provide to each student (T shirt, some make up items etc).
Here is a newsletter we send to our top sponsors at the end of the year describging what we did. If you were a sponsor in any capacity for 2014/2015, thank you and look at all the great things you helped our kids do!

2014/2015 year in review

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We have secured the rights to the following shows, so we hope to see you there!

Show Info

TYT is pleased to announce the following shows for 2015/2016!

If you would like to receive TYT updates for auditions via text message, go to remind 101.com and select student and search by email board@tecumsehyouththeatre.com

November 2015
1st to 4th grade
By special arrangement with Tecumseh Public Schools

February 2016
5th to 8th grade

March 2016
9th to 12th grade.

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